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Chang Liu

From August 2020

School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Liu Chang is a new media artist who works extensively in the field of Extended Reality(VR/AR), installation, short film, and 3d&2d animation with a preference for abstract and surrealism aesthetic. She is keen to creatively combined new media technologies to achieve technical innovation, artistic expression, and social commentary. Through the combination of VR, projection mapping, 3d scanning, 3d modeling, real-shooting, and abstract animation, she achieved a cinematic VR installation to encourage reflection, discussion, and social concern on the topic of child abuse. By combining Augmented Reality and storytelling, she intends to achieve the first AR treatment system for PTSD using artistic approaches. Her works have been exhibited at multiple galleries and international festivals including Filmasia, ifva, Stuttgart film winter, Osage gallery, and Singing wave gallery.


  • 3D&2d Animation
  • Expanded Cinema
  • Experimental Film
  • Interactive installation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality


  • Master in Fine Arts, 2019

    City University of Hong Kong

  • Bachelor in Journalism, 2017

    Chongqing University of China