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Mayra Barrera

Post Doc

Simon Fraser University

I’m an HCI Researcher based in Vancouver, Canada. My work focuses on designing and developing 3D user interfaces for VR and AR, i.e. VR Drawing. I have also worked with public displays and mobile devices. Through my research, I try to get a better understanding of the perceptual and cognitive limitations of humans when working in virtual environments and the boundaries of the technology so that I can design better user interfaces.

I hold a BA in Animation and Digital Art from the TEC of Monterrey, and a Masters in Creative Media Technologies from the HIT Lab Australia. I defended my thesis “Towards More Accurate Immersive 3D Sketching” in August 2019. During my PhD I study under the supervision of Dr. Wolfgang Stuerzlinger at SIAT, SFU.


  • 3D User Interfaces for VR and AR
  • Human-Computer Interaction


  • PhD in Doctor of Philosophy

    Simon Fraser University

  • Master in Creative Media Technologies

    University of Tasmania

  • Bachelor in Animation and Digital Art

    Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education