Since 15 March 2021, this page is not updated anymore and serves purely as an archive of previous activities. The webpage of Christian Sandor’s new team is now located at: here.

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AvatarMeeting: An Augmented Reality Remote Interaction System With Personalized Avatars

To further enhance the immersion, we involve avatars in remote interactions harnessing Head Mounted Display (HMD) based Augmented Reality (AR). In this demonstration, we present AvatarMeeting to enable users to meet with remote peers through interactive, personalized avatars, just like face to face. Specifically, we propose a novel framework including a consumer-grade set-up, a complete transmission scheme, and a processing pipeline, which consists of prescan modeling, pose detection, and action reconstruction. Moreover, we introduce an angle based reconstruction approach to empower the avatar to perform the same actions as each real remote person does in real-time smoothly while keeping a good avatar shape.

Xuanyu Wang (Shawn)
From September 2020