Since 15 March 2021, this page is not updated anymore and serves purely as an archive of previous activities. The webpage of Christian Sandor’s new team is now located at: here.

Alvaro Casinelli’s new team webpage will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about his work at

Interactive Immersive Projection

“Spiritual World” is an interactive immersive projection trying to build an inner world to show the self-reflection process of participants visually and show the relationship between participants. Experiencing the “Spiritual World” is like entering other people’s inner world or let other people get into your inner world. The interaction between participants will be visually displayed to the surrounding.

The image and skeleton of audiences will be captured by Azure Kinect, then the captured data will be projected to the TV mirror and the surrounding walls to create the “Spiritual World”, aiming to turn the indescribable and uncertain interaction and intimacy between people into raw and surreal visuals.